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Laravel is a PHP framework that can be used to develop powerful, modern and secure websites and web applications.

By having your next website or web app built with Laravel, you can be sure that it will provide a great, speedy user-experience for your visitors. It will allow you to keep your business up to date with the latest, cutting-edge tech.

A large amount of your daily workflow can now be automated so that you can save time and money. This will stop you from spending your time completing tedious, manual tasks and focus on other parts of your business.

CEOs spend almost 20% of their time on work that could be automated, such as analyzing operational data and reviewing status reports. McKinsey
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Existing Laravel Packages

Packages that I have already developed that are being used in businesses live systems!

As well as developing bespoke web applications and systems in Laravel, I have also created some free, open-source packages for other developers to use. These packages can be useful for speeding up the development process for other systems and can be beneficial to developers and their clients. The code for each of these packages are available on Github to check out.

Laravel Exchange Rates

Over 54k+ Downloads

Laravel Exchange Rates is a package that is built for converting monetary values between different currencies.

This is a package that I wrote that is free to use and can be installed in other web developer's Laravel projects to use. It was originally developed for myself for a project I was working on to make currency conversions simple. But after realising how useful and time-saving it could be for other Laravel developers, I decided to make it open for anyone to download and use!

Laravel Exchange Rates Github Package Logo
Laravel Short URL Github Package Logo

Short URL

Over 18k+ Downloads

Short URL is a package that was developed for adding shortened URLs to your website using your own domain name.

This was built as a tool that could be used for marketing purposes on websites. Instead of using other URL shortening services such as, you can create short URLs using your own domain name. In addition to this, it also allows tracking of the visitor for analytics, such as: web browser, operating system and the website they were previously on.

Laravel Short URL Github Package Logo

Laravel Executor

Over 1k+ Downloads

Laravel Executor is a package that can be used to simplify the installation and updating process for your Laravel web application.

This is a free-to-use, open source package that I wrote for other Laravel web developers to use. Just like my other packages, I originally it for my own projects but then decided to make it accessible for anyone to use. It provides a clean way for Laravel developers to add scripts that they can use to streamline and automate their update process.

Laravel Executor Github Package Logo
Laravel Config Validator Github Package Logo

Laravel Config Validator

Over 2k+ Downloads

Laravel Config Validator is a package that was developed for validating your Laravel app's environment and config to ensure that it's all set up correctly.

I built this package so that I could give myself more confidence knowing that I had the correct configuration values whenever I deployed my Laravel sites. By setting validation rules that are specific to each app environment, I can be sure that the app has been set up properly before handing over to a client.

Laravel Config Validator Github Package Logo

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What My Clients Say

Could not recommend Ashley more!! Super knowledgeable guy with such a talent. Was happy to explain things to me in a simple way to help me understand. Thanks Ash
Website design in Lancashire - Consultancy for local business

Jay Magson

BeeBig Promotions
Can’t recommend Ashley enough. I contacted him through Linkedin for website support. He provided me with a “check my site” report. Clear, concise and detailed the report was fantastic and extremely beneficial to my business. Will definitely look to work with Ashley in the future.
Website design in Lancashire - Consultancy for local business

Laura Griffiths

At Home HIIT
Had Ash help me change my navigation to my site, I didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about but he explained and understood everything really well. Did a cracking job and was inexpensive too.

Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for anything web related. Would also use again in future.
Website design Preston - Consultancy for small business

Ahmed Younis

We used Ashley Allen for our new website which had to be produced quickly and with a high google ranking, with being an exclusive importer of Pronar in the UK it had to hit the mark. Well, we are delighted with the fast, efficient service Ashley provided, not only adding over 200 products but doing it in an excellent format for top results.
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David Orrell

Pronar UK
A great service at very reasonable prices and I highly recommend!
Testimonial image first web design Preston

Coolfix Ltd

Great service and high quality results. Highly recommend!
Testimonial image first web design Preston

Danny Nelson

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